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By Vicente Romano, Managing Director, EMS Electrical 
Are you local? 
This is a question that I’m asked on daily basis, either when I visit a client or when someone refers me. 
I really don’t know why people ask that, when they hear me speaking with my fluent, posh English southern accent! 😁 
I used to hold my answer back because, even though I am based in Berkshire, I have very close ties to Venezuela… In fact, I was born in Caracas and spent over 44 years there, so I have a heritage and an accent of which I am proud. 
However, not long ago (before lockdown), I was in Henley with a friend-client, David Haimes, for a quick visit. We ended up speaking for 30 minutes about many things (I’m high “I” – anyone who knows about DISC profiling will know exactly what I mean). 
When we had finished and I was on my way out of the building, I met Nigel Nelms, another friend-client, and we then spent 15 minutes speaking about many things too. 
As I finally left the building I met Henry McIntosh, someone else who I definitely consider a friend. We started to talk, and then Annie Haimes passed by (great interior designer, by the way). We said "Hi" and she asked about a job we were doing, and I replied that everything was going well. 
As we were speaking, JJ walked by on the opposite sidewalk, so we shouted out to him, “What’s up, bro?” It was amazing – I was yelling to someone in a UK street to say "Hi". 
After 25-30 more minutes of conversation, Alice Zaluznyj passed by with one of the best commercial solicitors, Irene Dallas, that I know, so the four of us decided to have a drink and a chat.  
Then on our way to the car park afterwards with Henry, we saw Emma Alington and we spent another 15 minutes chatting. 
So my "quick" visit to Henley with David turned into more than 2 hours of conversation with many friends.  
That day, when I asked people “How are you?”, I didn’t get short “not too bad” or “OK” answers. I got conversations with friends. 
That day I felt at home. 
I was at home with people who definitely appreciate me as a professional and as a person. 
I felt at home, and safe. 
Last month I supported and collaborated with a great fundraising activity organised by JJ, the Henley Lockdown Festival. 
A lot of people have been asking why I did it. 
The answer is simple... 
It was organised by FRIENDS. 
I am LOCAL to Henley-on-Thames. 
At EMS Electrical, our locally-based engineers are fully trained in all aspects of the installation, inspection and testing of electrical equipment.  
To discuss any electrical requirement you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us at EMS Electrical HERE
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