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We get calls and enquiries from Reading property owners concerned about their home or rental property, wondering if it needs rewiring. Usually they are concerned about having to spend a large amount of money! 
We always try to give some answers and guidance on how to check if their properties in the Reading area need rewiring. 
Are there some signs that you can look for to know when your property needs to be rewired? 
Here are some helpful guidelines to follow, but if you’re still not sure, please feel free to contact us and we will talk through the situation with you. 
Wiring accessories (sockets and switches) – Are they old, are they worn? Often in the past bakelite sockets and switches were used. If these are still in use, the property is probably due for rewire as they would have been replaced if any rewiring was done in the past 
Light fittings – Are the light fittings, most of the time, pendants located near the windows rather than in the center of the rooms? Installations were done like this in the 60’s and if the property had been rewired since then, usually the lights would have been moved to the center of the room, for obvious reasons 
Fuse box – Does the property have an old fuse box with rewireable fuses, or something similar? If the old fuse box is still in use, this is an indication that the property may need rewiring. Generally if you are renovating a property or adding new installations, and one or several of these signs are evident, its worth to get an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) done. We will test out all the wiring and will be able to tell you for certain if the property needs rewiring or not. Many Reading and surrounding properties still have the original wiring from the 60’s and even before. This needs to be replaced as it tends to deteriorate and become unsafe after 40 years or more 
If you are a property owner in the Reading area and need a quote for rewiring your house or you are wondering if it need to be rewired, please get in touch
There are also other signs your house could need rewiring. These can include the following: 
Flickering or dimming lights 
Lightbulbs burning out in their sockets 
Regularly blown fuses 
Sparking outlets 
Fluctuations in power 
A growing reliance upon extension cords 
An electrical shock when you touch a cable or a wiring accesories 
Tripping circuit breakers 
Outdated property and cabling 
If your property is over 40 years old or more, you are most at risk from outdated cabling and degrading wires. They are dangerous and need to be replaced immediately to comply with modern electrical safety standards. 
If you see some of the signs explained above, you should contact your local electrician immediately for a home electrical safety inspection or ask for an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). 
Our fully qualified electricians at EMS Electrical have performed countless house rewires and we conduct all our work to the highest quality. We primarily provide electrical services in the Reading area and its surroundings. We strive to supply all our customers with the most recent product knowledge and hassle-free service. 
To discuss any electrical requirement you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us at EMS Electrical HERE
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