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By Vicente Romano, Managing Director, EMS Electrical 
Research recently published by the national electrical safety body, the NICEIC, has found that the public are mostly unaware of the electrical hazards which may face them at home. Householders that were questioned had electrical hazards in their homes including: 
exposed bare wires 
overloaded sockets 
loose cables 
old wiring 
The research also shows a considerable level of ignorance about the condition of home electrics. For example, 40% of people had no idea about the age of the wiring within their home, and 1 in 5 said their wiring was as much as 30 years old. More than half of those questioned did not know anything about their electrical installations. 
The question is: 
How often should house wiring be checked by a qualified electrician in Reading? 
Your electrical system ages and degrades over time and with use. A simple Electrical Inspection carried out by a qualified electrician in Reading can easily put your mind at rest. 
There are two forms of testing that can be carried out, and each have their own benefits and merits: 
⚡️A Visual Inspection — A brief look at the main components of your installation, with the electrician providing his/her professional opinion. This would be accompanied with a one or two page report. 
⚡️A Full Periodic Inspection, a.k.a. EICR — This is a comprehensive inspection and testing of all your electrical installations, cables will be tested to see if they have degraded since being installed, and a full report of approximately eight to ten pages often including photographs should also be provided. 
A Visual Inspection should cost you between £85 to £100, whilst a Full Periodic Inspection should be between £170 and £250, although electrician prices do vary. (However, if you are quoted less, then be aware that they may not be allowing enough time to complete the inspection correctly). 
Always ensure that you use a qualified and registered electrician in Reading, Electrician in Henley on Thames. 
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At EMS Electrical, our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of the installation, inspection and testing of electrical infrastructure. We have extensive experience when it comes to anything electrical.  
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