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By Vicente Romano, Managing Director, EMS Electrical 
Every domestic property or commercial/industrial premises has a wiring system that powers all inside the property. As with anything, your electrical system will gradually wear and tear, especially with the electrical load average we have nowadays. 
With time your electrical installation will need to be replaced to ensure it’s safe, meets the latest regulations and works at maximum efficiency. In a nutshell, rewiring involves the replacement of all wiring and upgrading the consumer unit. 
There are no set guidelines as to when a property should be rewired. Just because your wiring’s old, it doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. Many factors can affect the wear and tear of your electrical installation, including the materials used and how your property has been used. 
This depends on your situation, your future plans and the wiring condition. 
If your property or premises has not been rewired within the last 25 to 30 years, then it will likely need rewiring at least partially, however if you are not sure or have doubts, don't take any chances – call us now
Rewiring can be a difficult task for electricians who are not experienced or certified. 
You should carry out regular checks around the house on the condition of your cables, switches, sockets and other accessories. See if you notice anything and try to spot the following: 
Fusebox With Old Rewireable Fuses 
Switches, Lights & Sockets With A Wooden Back Box 
Cables With Black Outer Sheath 
Light Bulbs Blowing Often 
Rooms With Only 1 Socket Outlet 
Cast Iron Fusebox 
Round Light Switches & Sockets 
Signs Of Thermal Damage At Sockets 
Cast Iron Switches 
Sockets Installed In Skirting Boards 
Fuses Blowing Often 
Cables That Have A Lead Sheath 
No Earth Conductors For Lighting Or Socket Circuits 
Brown Braided Flex At Light Fittings, amongst others. 
Get a registered electrician to check your electrics as soon as possible or get in touch with us. 
We coded the condition of the installation in 3 categories: 
New wiring 
We counted this as anything up to 20 years old as “new wiring”. 
This should be solid core copper, PVC sheathed cable. 
It’s highly unlikely you are going to need rewired unless the electrics have been so poorly installed that it would be more efficient to rewire, rather than repair. 

Old wiring 

We counted old wiring as over 65 years old.  
This is usually (VIR) and might not have CPC or earth cable. 
In this case rewiring is highly recommended and it has to be done as soon as possible. 

Opportunity Wiring 

We counted this as in between the previous two categories. 
If you test the installation the result outcome will give good readings, however if you are thinking to make changes like: 
Are you planning to have a New Kitchen 
Are you planning to have a New Extension 
Are you planning to re-decorate 
Are you planning to add more lights and sockets to the existing installation 
Any time that there is change on property structure is a good time for a rewiring. 
It is important to note that these timeframes are based on a standard rewire. Some factors to be considered: 
What size is the property? 
Is the property empty or occupied? 
How many sockets do you want? 
How many lights you want? 
Do you want plastic or premium finish accessories? 
Do you want a spotlight installation? 
Does the existing flooring have a finish on it? 
Are walls plaster board or concrete? 

What To Do Next? 

Hopefully this article will have given you a better understanding when it comes to figuring out if you need a rewiring. 
If you require any help with estimating the price of rewiring your house then please contact us today for a free quote or consultation. 
We provide all aspects of electrical rewiring services for any type and size of residential property or commercial/industrial premises. 
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