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By Vicente Romano, Managing Director, EMS Electrical 
Consumer Unit Replacement in Reading Berkshire varies based on many factors. 
If you are thinking either to replace a consumer unit or to upgrade to a more recent one in Reading, the cost can depend on 4 main factors: 
type of consumer unit required; 
number of circuits required; 
amp-rating required; 
current condition of the existing consumer unit 
Additionally, to work out the average cost to install a new consumer unit, whether it is for a house or an office – you have to factor in the labour, materials and cost of testing. 
The labour will vary between being charged by the hour or by the day, how long it takes to install will depend on the location of the fuse box and where inside the property it is, normally it is one day including testing. 
On average, consumer unit replacement cost in Reading (including all materials, labour and certification) can be between £600 and £900. This is assuming there is an ideal scenario with no additional problems that need fixing. It will take over half a day or a full day to install, including testing the unit. 
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Benefits of a consumer unit replacement 
Having a consumer unit replacement carried out is a smart move for a number of reasons: 
Replacing an older unit makes your home a safer environment for you and your family, as it reduces the risk of both electric shock and electrical fire 
Increase the energy efficiency of your home by replacing your fuse board for a newer model 
Replacing an old fuse board also ensures that your home is in compliance with current electrical regulations 
Quality fuse board replacement for peace of mind 
When choosing an electrician to carry out your consumer unit replacement or upgrade it is important to consider more than just price. 
The right electrician for the job will be fully qualified, certified, insured to carry out the work and compliant with the latest electrical standards. 
Your fuse board consumer unit is the main electrical hub in your property, taking a pivotal role in all electrical aspects. If you have a fuse board replacement carried out that it is below the necessary standards then you are putting your property at risk and endangering anyone that occupies the property. 
Consumer Unit Types 
One of the main determinants of consumer unit replacement cost is the type of the consumer unit itself. 
There are various different types of consumer units, which are explained below, along with the associated consumer unit replacement cost. 

1. Split Load Consumer Units 

A split load consumer unit is a type of fuse box that features a main switch and a residual-current device (RCD). The main switch will usually be placed on the outside allowing for easy access, and the RCD should be beside it while the Residual Current Circuit Breakers With Overload (RCBO) is usually beside the main switch. 

2. Fully Loaded Consumer Unit 

A fully-loaded consumer unit, and as the name suggests, it is a consumer unit that has all its load-carrying breakers similar to those of a plastic box. Fully loaded consumer units combine both the input and output breakers in one fused switch. 
It’s an ideal solution for those who don’t require circuit separation. Although an FCU costs significantly less than a ring main unit (RMU), it has little use in modern life. 

3. Garage Consumer Unit 

The garage consumer unit is a smaller version of a full consumer unit and has 2 to 5 fuses to handle power needs and problems. 
A complement to the traditional consumer unit, it has a range of features specifically designed to ensure that your house is safe and protected at all times. 

4. RCD Dual-Split Consumer Unit 

RCD dual-split consumer units offer a valuable level of protection when there are multiple sets of circuits in a single property, for example if separate areas are divided between upstairs and downstairs. An RCD consumer unit lets the homeowner shut off power to only one side should they need to work on electrical installations in that section. 

5. High Integrity Consumer Unit or Favourite One 

Consumer units are designed to allow you to have separate circuit boards for your critical and standard loads. This is beneficial as it means that in the event of a fault on one circuit board, your other lighting will stay on, as a matter of fact is our favourite one, but also the most expensive one. 
The RCBOs that power them help to ensure that there’s no impact on other circuits if there’s a fault, which is a great benefit and also make easier to find a fault in event of one. 
All the consumer units will need a SPD Module which add a value of approximately £125. 
It is extremely important for the safety of your home to ensure that your consumer unit is constantly monitored and upgraded as and when necessary. 
This would include installing a consumer unit with a residual current device (RCD) which has the capacity to detect dangerous electrical threats as well as tripping issues. 
This will also allow you to avoid electrical threats and trip hazards, we recommend RCBOs to be installed. 
Additionally, UK’s wiring regulations and safety standards require all consumer units to prevent excessive electrical loads, which can result in both fires and electric shocks. 
Please contact us if you have any questions or would like an idea of the cost for an Consumer Unit Replacement or Consumer Unit upgrade in Reading, Henley-on-Thames and the surrounding areas. 
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